We Supply the Products You Need

We’ve been making packaging for over 30 years. We know how to source, negotiate and provide what you need, when you need it – If what you need doesn’t exist, no worries, we can handle that too.

We work with 60+ packaging manufacturers worldwide, with many of our products being produced in the USA.

We work hard with our suppliers to provide on-time delivery, quality, and service.

We perform and work hard to mitigate service disruptions or non-conformance for our customers.

  • Our business model is designed to make packaging easy for our customers.
  • We find it, design it, source it, make it, ship it, store it, and much more.

  • We offer a range of services designed to streamline packaging supply chains and grow profits.

    • We want you to focus on what your do best: Selling your products.
    • We will focus on what we do best: Making Packaging.
  • We work with any market or industry. From simple product sourcing to complex custom design, we are ready to help you Package More Profit in your business.
  • Royal Summit offers turnkey solutions to address your individual needs, help eliminate impediments to growth, and capture best-practices for you.

Call Royal Summit today at 877-247-7929 or email us at [email protected]

Our Mission

Improve Our Customer’s Net Income
Through Packaging Products and Services

Increase Sales

  • We Can Help By
  • Attracting new customers through innovative, affordable, attractive packaging
  • Differentiate your packaging from your competition
  • Build Loyalty Brands through Packaging
  • Becoming more cost competitive

Reduce Costs

  • We Will Do Our Best to
  • Reduce pricing where possible
  • Reduce material used if possible, through engineering
  • Reduce Freight Expense
  • Reduce Warehouse Expenses
  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • JIT Deliveries
  • Reduce Lead Times

Improve Productivity

  • Our Expertise Can Help
  • Streamline Supply Chain
  • Manage Logistic
  • Deliver On-Time
  • Simplify Order Management
  • Determine the best package options for your business
  • Making shipping carton your retail carton