Bottle and Pallet Information:

Bottle Weight: 0.73 lbs + – 0.002 oz

Neck: 48mm

Bottles Per Pallet:
1001 pcs (143 bottles layer x 7 layers high)
With Corrugated Partitions

Pallet Weight: 879 lbs

Pallet Dimensions: 40” W x 48” L x 46” H

Full Truck Load Quantity:
Single Stack:  21 Pallets – 21,021/pcs – 18,500 lbs
Double Stack: 42 Pallets, 42, 042/pcs – 37,000 lbs

Bottles shipped in trays (not cartons)
Bottles Shipped Neck-Up

Printing Guidelines:

Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Green

Only One-Color Print Available at This Time

Custom inks quoted separately

All artwork must be approved by the buyer before production

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Pallet Configuration:

Each Pallet is wrapped in corrugated, V-Boards, shrink-wrap and banded to the pallet

Side View

Top View