Sip N See StrawRoyal Summit owns the patent on the legendary Sip-N-See Straw, and we have been manufacturing and selling the straw since 1994 of which we have sold over 200-million Sip-N-See Straws worldwide:

United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America.

The Sip-N-See Straw is an incredible marketing tool and has been unbelievably successful in every market where it has been placed. The Sip-N-See Straw has been made for large Fortune 500 companies and small companies alike including: Pepsi, ICEE, Dairy Queen, Burger King and many more.

Let us show you what the legendary Sip-N-See Straw can do for your company’s beverage sales today!

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US Patent # 5,361,987

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Printing on straw: The largest pattern (logo) that can printed on the straw is W22 x H38mm on one side of the “cup” portion on the straw.
Extruded Straw: This part of the straw can be any color the customer desires.
Straw Material: Poly Propylene (manufactured by extrusion)
Straw Portion: Poly Styrene (manufactured by plastic injection)
Cup Portion: The two sections making up the “cup” are sonic welder together making a permeant bond and 100% leak proof
Straw Size: The length of the straw is 13.5”
OD: 5/8”
ID: 3/8”
Weight: 13lbs (5.9kg)
Carton Pack: 200 pieces in a master carton. Four inner cartons packed with 50 straws.
Pallet Loadability: 60 Cartons
12,000 straws
Weight: 737lbs (335kg)